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Direct your clients to your Facebook page on the mobile app with this useful tip.

Make it as easy as possible, and point your clients to exactly the right place, to get the most engagement with your clients on social media.


You’re a business owner who’s all over marketing; you know how important social media is, and you’re always encouraging your customers to Like you on Facebook and to share and engage with your posts.

But you probably also realize how difficult it is to get people on the internet to do anything that involves more than two steps (at most!). So you want to make it as easy as possible for them to engage with your social media campaigns and help build your brand.

Maybe you’re finishing a meeting with a client who is radiating with happiness at the job you’ve done. You ask that client to look you up on Facebook and Like your page or provide a star rating. But the client searches for your Facebook page, and maybe there are 10 other businesses in the world with a similar name, and the client’s not sure which is yours, maybe clicks on the wrong one… at that point, you’ve already lost them.

...Wait, which Billy's Auto is it??

…Wait, which Billy’s Auto is it??

So, how can we make it as easy as possible? There are several tricks, and here is one of the least well-known but most useful:

Use a Link That Sends The User Directly To Your Page Within the Facebook App

You can generate a link that will send a user directly to your Facebook page within the Facebook mobile app. To get this link, you’ll first need your Facebook ID number.

Step 1: Facebook ID Number 

Every Facebook profile has a numeric code that is called its Facebook ID. Often this number can be found in your Facebook page’s URL:


If your Facebook ID is in your URL, then great! Copy it and move on to Step 2. If not, there’s an easy way to find your Facebook ID. Just copy your page’s entire URL, and then go to http://findmyfbid.com. Paste your URL and the website will retrieve your numeric ID.


Step 2: Generate a Native Facebook URL 

To get your Native Facebook URL, just paste your numeric ID to the end of this link: fb://profile/

…And that’s it! Try it out for yourself to see that it works.

Bonus Step 3: Purchase an Easy-to-Say-and-Remember Domain Name Just For Facebook

Of course, telling your customer to type out “fb://profile/” is awkward, so it might behoove you to purchase a domain name (You can usually get one for under ten dollars.) and set that domain name to automatically redirect to this link. For example, use your own website’s domain name and add “fb” to the end of it.