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Things to Consider When Making a Logo Symbol

by LACI ROTH | JULY 14, 2017

My latest logo project was for a new organization called A to Z Consulting & Advocacy. Since the concept of “A to Z” has been used in many businesses and organization logos I wanted to be sure I gave this symbol plenty of thought to ensure its uniqueness.

Things I consider when formulating a new idea:

  • What’s been done before with similar components?
  • What is special about this company—what is the company’s essence?
  • How can I keep the overall look simple but impactful?

It’s important that all of the components used in a logo serve a symbolic purpose. This means not using shapes, swooshes, and lines that don’t help convey the company’s message or brand.

My client’s wish list:

  • Use the “A” and “Z” in the symbol in some way
  • Find a way to convey the ideas of “progress” and “a path forward” as these concepts are fundamental to the organization

The final logo symbol:

I’ve used two letter A’s to form a Z. The A’s also serve as arrows showing movement. By adding circles on either side of the Z, I was able to create to figures who appear to be using each other to help both figures propel forward.



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