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Disney and Marvel showed how well employees’ social media can be used in marketing campaigns.

The studio turned a routine announcement into a social media event… and we can actually learn a lot from their example.

by MATT STOKES | MARCH 14, 2018

This is an entry in an ongoing series of looks at successful modern marketing campaigns. 

Even though my business makes money helping other businesses with their marketing efforts, I don’t mind saying that you don’t need me for your most important marketing campaign. The most successful form of marketing is you doing what you already do the best you can. That means that your best resource can often be the people who work with and for your business.

That being the case, why not utilize their talents when it comes to social media? Chances are, you have at least a few employees with robust social networks, and these networks can be enlisted to spread awareness of your marketing campaigns.

We saw a terrific execution of this strategy recently when Disney and Marvel announced that they would be moving the North American release date of Avengers: Infinity War (one of the year’s most anticipated movies) up one week. While movie studios carefully select release dates (often years in advance), the announcement that in a few months a film will come out seven days sooner than initially planned is not dramatic news. To turn the news into something people were excited to learn about, the studio used the movie’s biggest star, Robert Downey, Jr., as part of a charming social media exchange.

This handful of Tweets exchanged between Marvel Studio’s Twitter account and Downey took only a few minutes and a little coordination, but it got far more attention than a simple press release announcing the date change. Entertainment websites and blogs all around the world picked up the thread and wrote news stories about it, embedding the Tweets and getting exposure far beyond the already substantial following both accounts had.

Does this have anything to do with your business? You likely don’t employ Robert Downey, Jr., but you probably do have employees who are skilled at social media and have healthy followings. Enlisting them to help in your company’s social strategy is a great way to get more attention and engagement.

Even routine social media posts can be livened up if the employee initiates the post on her own account. For example, say your company hosts an event and you want to share pictures taken at the event. You could upload the pictures and share them, or you could have your employee post to Facebook that she had a great time at the event and can’t wait to see pictures, and you can respond to that with a picture or two. Take time, allow comments and exchanges with your own followers and your employee’s friends, and you’ll have a series of posts that receive far more responses and engagement than if you’d gone the more straightforward route.

That’s a very simple example, but there are countless ways you can implement this method. Showing that your employees love the company they work for enough to interact with it on social media will also be great for your brand, and it will make your company seem more approachable and accessible. And the best part is you already have the tools to do this in house.

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