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5 Scary Ways Your Neglected Website Could Hurt Your Business

A neglected or ignored website can do more harm than good if it features out of date information or software.

by LACI ROTH | MARCH 28, 2018

A few years back you invested a lot of time and money into building a great website. Your job is done… You were able to just set it and forget it… right?

Wrong! A neglected website can do more harm than good to your brand. Here are five ways the website you’re ignoring could be hurting you.

Your website has a news section with old—or little—news

Using dates (months and years) on your posts is a great idea… if you plan to update your website content monthly. But if not, you should try substituting dates with text that is more general. This is a good approach for text that will sit there for a while.

It is a bad look to have a news/updates/announcement page or widget with very few things or only old things. You’re better off not including this feature at all. What does it say to a potential client or customer that you have a “news” page but the most recent news story is three years old? 

Your website contains outdated technology

Does your website have Adobe Flash or a now-defunct identity verification app? Chances are this is not only slowing down your website but could render it completely unusable for many users, and too cumbersome for others to want to deal with.

Your design looks dated

Design trends on the internet move very fast, which is obviously a pain to keep up with. This doesn’t mean that you should constantly chase the trends and overhaul the design of your site, but it does mean that you should be cognizant of how your site appears to the average internet user.

Do you have a homepage slider that’s making people motion sick? Sometimes more is just more, and is not adding any actual value. Sliders are no longer cutting edge—at the very least, having one doesn’t make your site look fresh if the slider isn’t sleek and purposeful. Consider instead using one hero image instead of a slider. If you are set on using a slider, keep it to three or four slides at the most—just make sure they are animated in a way that isn’t overcomplicated (A simple fade is best.).

Malfunctioning software

Websites often use themes and plugins built by third parties. These apps are periodically improved by the developer, but the webmaster is responsible for implementing the update for her website. Not regularly updating third-party apps—and then checking to make sure the website continues to work with the updates—is the number-one way sites become infected with malware or are hacked.

Poor search performance

A website that never gets updated is like a store with a burn-out light-up sign whose owners never bother to repair it. It seems vacant, and customers will likely ignore it. If your website hasn’t been updated in forever, the search engine crawlers will not help, as they are attracted to websites that are frequently updated. This means your site will move farther and farther down the search results and your business will suffer. 

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