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Researching keywords using Google is easy… and free.

Google AdWords has a free tool called Keyword Planner that you should always keep in mind when marketing online.

by MATT STOKES | APRIL 6, 2018

You’ve probably heard of Searach Engine Optimization (SEO)—it’s the practice of putting words and descriptions onto your website that attract the search engines and ultimately help your site rise in search result rankings. But almost every marketing effort you make online can be optimized, including YouTube videos, podcasts, and even social media posts.

A great way to come up with ideas for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts for your business is to preemptively answer a question. It’s easy to find out what people are asking and how they’re asking it by using Keyword Planner, Google’s free keyword research tool. If you have a Gmail account, you can access Keyword Planner at this address: https://adwords.google.com/um/Welcome/Home#oa 

How to use Keyword Planner to see what questions people are asking

Once you’ve signed into your AdWords (Gmail) account, you’ll be taken to the AdWords Dashboard. If you’ve been using AdWords for other purposes (such as paid Google ads), you’ll see your activity on your Dashboard. Keyword Planner can be accessed by clicking on your “Tools” icon and then selecting “Keyword Planner.”

You’ll be brought to Keyword Planner, which opens with a simple input field. This is where you’ll research your topic. Type in your topic—let’s go “Missouri divorce” (You’re a Family Law Attorney in Missouri, in our scenario.). Your results will look something like this:

You’ll get tons of results, so you should use some filtering options to get a better idea of what you need. To begin, you might want to adjust the geography of the results:

You can adjust the search results to only show you Missouri, or a particular location within Missouri. Next, you can filter out results that don’t include your subject word, “Divorce.” Click on the “Filter” symbol,

…then select “Keyword text,” choose, “contains,” and type “divorce.” That way, you filter out results such as “legal separation in missouri.”

If you sort these results by “Avg. monthly searches,” you’ll get your most important metric: popularity. The first result is just the word “divorce,” but the second is “divorce papers,” which is an interesting phrase. This is a phrase used more in the non-legal world than the legal world, so perhaps it’s a good idea to write a blog post explaining what is meant by “divorce papers,” or to do a simple social media post along the lines of, “What are divorce papers? They include a…”

This is the mere tip of the iceberg for what Keyword Planner can do, but it’s a great way to brainstorm about ways to connect people online with your business.

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