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The Most Important Thing You Should Be Doing On Social Media

Being consistent and posting engaging content is important, but if you’re not interacting with people on social media, your efforts aren’t worth it.

by MATT STOKES | APRIL 13, 2018

Most businesses are investing in social media marketing, and they’re not containing their efforts to Facebook and Twitter, but also venturing into Instagram and, increasingly, Pinterest.

A presence on social media is crucial to your business’s success. By regularly posting content, you’re at least letting people know that you’re still around. Even better, by putting out engaging content, you’re helping interested people get to better know your brand and humanizing your company.

But if you’re not interacting with other people on social media, you’re doing it wrong. A great social media post without interaction is like a tree falling in the middle of a sub-Arctic temperate coniferous forest. Which is to say: No one’s going to notice it.

Why you need to interact on social media

Simply put, the more people you interact with, the more your social web will expand.

A Tweet or Facebook post that you publish will be seen, at most, by people who already follow you. But by drawing in another person, there’s a chance that every person connected to that account will see your post. That second person can in turn draw in more people, and the reach grows very quickly.

How you can interact on social media

It may seem anathema to automatically send a “Thank you for following” message to anybody who follows your company’s social media account, but is this any different from sending an automated email? It is not, and it will seem more personal to the recipient.

Every time somebody new follows you, you should realize an opportunity to connect with that person. Whether it’s a simple “thank you” or a personalized message that includes a discount code, a giveaway, or a promotional item, you can try to make them feel special. Even if they don’t respond or never even read your message, they will at least know that you bothered with the effort.

Another way to interact with people online is to search out posts that are relevant to your business and promote them, either by “Liking” or even re-Tweeting or re-posting them. Doing this will definitely get the attention of the original poster, who might become curious and take a few seconds to check out your brand’s social media account (Make sure you have your best content front and center for occasions like this.).

Better still is to answer questions people have about something related to your business. Social networks have search functions you can narrow geographically—so if, for example, you are a dentist’s office, you can search for people in your zip code who are talking about dental hygiene. If somebody asks how often they should get their teeth cleaned, you can respond with a link to a video or brochure that you have available for free that answers their question. Or, better yet, answer their question directly, without making a sales pitch. The goodwill you generate by helping people out will eventually circle back and reward you.


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