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Laci Roth

Laci has worked in the legal field since 2003, beginning as file clerk and working her way up the ranks, establishing a marketing and graphic design department, which did not previously exist, in her firm, for which she worked the past 13 years. In this role, Laci has created legal demonstratives and trial presentations for the last 11 years. She has been the Director of Marketing for the firm since 2009, fulfilling all of the firm’s graphic design needs. Including, the logo and branding at the firm’s inception. Laci has been responsible for all ad, brochure, stationary, giveaway and signage design, in addition to case-related design projects. In 2012 Laci became the Director of Graphic Design and Trial Support for her firm. Laci’s additional responsibilities included, assistance on all aspects of trial support including, meeting with clients and experts to conceptualize demonstrative ideas for hearings and trials, complete design of presentations layout and aesthetics, construction of complex graphics tailored to case-specific needs, original ideas for visually simplifying complicated science, and finally, in-court trial support sitting in the hot-seat.

Laci has been designing websites professionally since 2012 and has also been the web designer an webmaster for dozens of websites.

In 2013 Laci began heavily participating in major conferences and expos wherein she began her public speaking involvement. She has presented in front of 100+ attorneys while working with the spectacular organization, NAMWOLF (National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms) as a member of the Marketing Best Practices Committee. Wherein she has given talks and served on panels in an effort to assist fellow member law firms, who may not have their own in-house marketing department. Through this organization, Laci has also taught a workshop for attorneys on the topic of Prezi (a cloud presentation software) and the many uses it provides to Attorneys. Laci continues to work for NAMWOLF on a regular basis, providing graphics and redesigning and mastering their website.

In 2012 Laci started venturing out on a freelance basis, creating logos and offering her graphic design services to local businesses around New Orleans. Currently, she services clients around the nation, with 100 + projects in her portfolio. She looks forward to growing that body of work, as she brings graphic design to the forefront of her professional life for the first time.