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What the Email Privacy Act Means For You

On Wednesday, the US House of Representatives passed the Email Privacy Act by a vote of 419-0 in a burst of bipartisanship rarely seen in Congress. The bill now must pass through the Senate and receive a signature from President Obama before it becomes law, though both of these things are widely expected to happen. Advocates for privacy are calling the Act a major victory. The Act updates a law currently on the books that allows law enforcement and government…

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Third-Party Keyboard Apps Will Boost Your Productivity

For most people, smartphones are basically an extra appendage. But we get so used to them that it’s easy to not notice ways to improve even their most basic smartphone functions. Among those most basic functions? Typing. Third-party keyboard apps (keyboards that do more than the default keyboard on your phone, that you’ll have to get through your app store) can make a pretty huge difference when it comes to typing on your phone.   I’ve started to use two alternate keyboards on…

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