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Should You Be Podcasting?

Many businesses are adding audio podcasting to the weapons in their marketing arsenal. Whether or not creating and maintaining a podcast to promote your business is worthwhile depends mainly on your capacity for creating new content, your budget, and the nature of your existing marketing. If you’re unfamiliar with podcasts, think of them as on-demand radio shows. Podcasts become more and more popular every year, and businesses can create podcasts to connect with consumers in a unique way. Creating…

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Optimizing a PDF for Mobile Devices

One of my clients is a political organization that wanted to distribute its recommendations to voters on Election Day. Traditionally, this would be a “punch card”—a pocket-sized piece of sturdy cardboard paper clipped from a mailer or a newspaper ad. But we had a short turnaround time and we wanted to do something a little more modern, so we came up with the idea of encouraging voters to use their phones in the voting booth and pull up this…

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